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Every year, non-adherence to medication costs lives

Our mission is to improve health outcomes and business results by connecting people, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies.

Solving a US$600 billion problem

Patients, local pharmacists and big pharma use MedAdvisor to achieve a common goal - improved medication adherence.


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App users are more loyal to pharmacy

Our Why

Our co-founder, Josh, watched his mum struggle with more than ten different prescription medicines needed to manage her arthritis and Parkinsons Disease. Living with chronic illness is difficult enough without the added stress of managing multiple medications.

MedAdvisor was started to help people like Josh’s mum take back control and make medication one less thing to worry about. It combines a powerful app designed to help people take and track medications with digital-first pharmacy tools and educational content that improves health literacy and medication adherence.

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Our Values

Solve. For the customer.

Be a good listener and show your understanding.

Our customers are our number one priority. Don’t over complicate and be plain spoken. Be thorough, be thoughtful and do what you say.  For every problem there’s a solution. We are committed to our customer relationships and are there whenever they need us.

Be curious.

We think big and small, but most of all we think simply. A simple thought, a major breakthrough. We ask why?... and why not?  We‘re nerdy... in a good way, as the more we ask the more we learn. We simplify the complex but there’s always room for improvement. The more time we devote to improving our product the more time people have to improve their health

Be joyful.

We love what we do. We turn complex medication management into joyful simplicity. How awesome is that! A seamless solution that’s brings patients and pharmacists together. We never underestimate the importance of what we do. Our solution empowers patients to take control and bring a little joy back to their lives. That’s got to make you feel good!

Be a customer warrior.

If customers didn’t exist neither would we. Fight for them. Our customers are our life. They show their bravery every day. We’ve got their back. And what we provide can give them their life back. Like a trusted friend we fight their battle together side by side.

Be caring

Care for your colleagues and be respectful. Collaborate and be inclusive. Look out for others and show empathy for everyone we touch. There is no place for bullshit or egos. We are authentic and a down to earth bunch. Celebrate all our achievements no matter how small.

Surprise through simplicity

We are passionate about finding simple intelligent solutions to the most complex problems. There is always a simpler way and often when we discover it, it surprises us! We know the more we make things easier for our customers the more they will engage and fall in love with our product. From too hard to too easy, we want to surprise and delight our customers.

The MedAdvisor Way

We are passionate about improving the way medications are managed, to help people make better decisions about their health every day. 

Meet the Team

Jamal Butt

Jamal Butt, FRPharmS

CEO, MedAdvisor UK

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Gwyn Williams, MRPharmS

Head of Business Development, MedAdvisor UK

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Robert Read

CEO and Managing Director

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Josh Swinnerton

Co-founder and Executive Director

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Simon Glover

Chief Financial Officer

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Craig Schnuriger

Chief Technology Officer (Interim)

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Ruba El Afifi

Chief People Officer

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Carlo Campiciano

Company Secretary (Outgoing)

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Naomi Lawrie

General Counsel and Company Secretary


Chris Ridd

Non Executive Chairman

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Peter Bennetto

Non-Executive Director
Member of Audit and Risk Committee
Member of the People and Remuneration Committee

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Jim Xenos

Non-Executive Director
Member of the People and Remuneration Committee

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Sandra Hook

Non-Executive Director
Member of Audit and Risk Committee

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Jeff Sherman

Non-Executive Director

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