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10 frequently asked questions about the MedAdvisor app

Gwyn Williams
Sep 20, 2021 3:52:11 PM

Over the last few months, I have spoken to hundreds of pharmacy owners about the MedAdvisor app. Do you want to know the answers to the most frequently asked questions? If so, keep reading.... 

1. How does the MedAdvisor app work?

The app allows patients to easily manage their medication supply and quickly place orders directly with their GP (General Practitioner). The pharmacy can see what the patient has ordered and can let them know when to collect their medication. The patient places the order directly, so it saves pharmacy admin time and meets the requirements in areas where CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) prevent pharmacy ordering on behalf of patients. 

2. Why should I pay for my patients to use the MedAdvisor app when they could use the NHS app instead?

Your pharmacy will miss out on potential benefits such as:

  • You have no competitive advantage.
  • Increased patient loyalty to your pharmacy with the MedAdvisor app.
  • You can’t let your patients know when their prescription is ready so you will still receive phone calls to check on prescription status.
  • Your patients can’t manage eRD (batch) prescription requests in app. They’ll still need to phone to ask you to get remaining batch prescriptions dispensed.  

3. What are the benefits of the MedAdvisor app? 

The top 5 benefits are:

  1. Reduce workload for your pharmacy team and save hundreds of hours of admin per year
  2. Retain your existing business and protect your business from the threat of increasing competition
  3. Grow your customer base by offering a tool to save your customers’ time
  4. Support your patients with adherence through reminders as well as targeted, bespoke messaging about the medication they take
  5. Improve communication with patients and save time. Reduce phone calls to ask if medication is ready to collect. 

4. Does the solution work with all PMR systems? 

Our solution works seamlessly irrespective of which PMR system you use, a useful feature should you ever wish to change PMR provider.  

5. What is IM1 pairing? 

IM1 pairing allows patients to have a direct link into their GP’s clinical software system. It allows the patient to see the repeat medication that the GP has recorded on their system and directly place an order with their GP. The MedAdvisor app works regardless of whether the patient has added their IM1 linkage information into the app or not, with the added benefit of allowing the patient to communicate with their chosen pharmacy.

6. Do you have IM1 pairing? 

MedAdvisor has IM1 paring with EMIS (EMIS Web) and TPP (SystmOne); between them EMIS and TPP account for over 97% of GP practices in England. 

7. Can I send messages to patients that are on the MedAdvisor app? 

Yes, you can send messages to let the patient know that their medication is fully ready to collect, partially ready to collect or even just to say “hello”! 

8. Can I have exclusivity in my area? 

The MedAdvisor app has been designed to give your patients a great service that drives loyalty to your pharmacy so you don’t need to have exclusivity. To find out more please get in touch.

9. What happens if I changed my mind and wanted to leave you? 

We all sometimes change our minds. We want our working relationship to be win-win so we make it easy for you to change your mind. We are totally flexible on notice periods and won’t tie you into a long 2-year contract you can’t get out of. With us, you’ll be the Data Controller so when you actively sign up all your customers you won’t be getting yourself into a situation you can’t get out of.

10. Are you going to drastically increase the price once I’ve signed up lots of my customers? 

We want you to be fully confident to sign up as many of your customers as you can and for them to be loyal to your pharmacy so you can protect and grow your business. We have a rolling contract and are transparent in our pricing; we will apply an annual increase in line with RPI so you can relax in the knowledge your cost will remain in line with today’s cost in real terms.

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