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5 reasons why your pharmacy needs a repeat prescription app

Gwyn Williams
Sep 6, 2021 12:38:03 PM

You have taken the first step by considering a repeat prescription app for your pharmacy, but why have one? We have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons:

1. Reduce workload for your pharmacy team

Providing your patients with an app that allows them to order their repeat prescriptions quickly and easily is great for your patients and your pharmacy.

Does your phone never stop ringing? Using an app to automate ordering releases the pharmacy team’s time to complete other tasks or provide additional pharmacy services. If your patients phone you to place repeat prescription orders, an app will remove that workload.

Providing an app that can manage eRD (batch) and non-eRD prescriptions means that your patients can easily keep track of all their medications. With eRD prescribing increasing, pharmacy workload to manage repeat orders on behalf of patients will become more time consuming and complex should you not use an automated digital solution.

2. Grow your NHS items and drive loyalty to compete with online pharmacies and larger chains

With increasing competition, an app can differentiate your business and attract new customers to your pharmacy. Mobile users spend over 86% of their time on mobile apps and just 14% of the time on mobile websites so providing an app will appeal to your smartphone users. Choose a repeat prescription app that also has a web order option so you can link it to your website. If you advertise on social media, an app provides a great reason for patients to choose to use your pharmacy.

If you encourage your customers to use an app that only has your pharmacy listed once they are signed up (rather than show the full network of pharmacies using that app), you will drive customer loyalty and retain your patients, even if a local competitor pharmacy that also uses the same app provider starts providing a more compelling offer, for example, free delivery. In these financially challenging times, you do not want to be in a race to the bottom where you must provide free services, such as delivery, to retain your existing customers.

Patients are increasingly looking for digital solutions to make their life easier. Where will your patients turn if they want to use a repeat prescription ordering app, but your pharmacy does not have one?

3. Promote and manage pharmacy service bookings 

Throw away your paper diary and manage appointments digitally! Apps such as MedAdvisor enable you to promote your pharmacy services and digitise the appointment booking process to save time. As pharmacies are increasingly looking to maximise revenue from pharmacy services, you should consider how you can digitally engage your patients and promote your services.

Using an app that also has a web-based appointment booking option, to enable it to be used by your app and non-app customers, allows you to use one solution for all appointments. Another important feature is having the option for your pharmacy team to manually add appointments for app and non-app customers. Digital appointment booking systems will prevent double bookings, help you maximise service booking availability and automatic reminders will reduce no-shows.

Social media advertising will increase awareness of your services and generate bookings. It is important that only your pharmacy is listed as an option on the website or in the app so that when you advertise your services you get the booking and the associated revenue.

Send one to one or group messages to your customers to let them know what services you provide and how to book appointments online.

There has never been a better time to consider how digital solutions can unlock your pharmacy services revenue potential!

4. Support your patients with adherence, including Digital Adherence Programmes

An app can prompt patients to take their medication on time and remind them when they need to place an order for a repeat supply. Helping your patients become more adherent will help them achieve better health outcomes.

Digital solutions can reduce unintentional non-adherence by:

  • Reminding patients when to order medication so that they do not run out.
  • Making the ordering process simple so that the correct items are requested from the GP.
  • Informing the patient when their medication is ready to collect.
  • In-app reminders alert the patient of when to take their medication, so they do not forget.
  • Carer mode allows relatives to set up dependents, such as children or elderly parents, so they can help with compliance.

MedAdvisor Digital Adherence Programmes (DAPs) reduce intentional non-adherence by:

  • Motivating and encouraging the patient to use the medication adherently.
  • Helping patients know how to use their medication correctly and why they should take it as prescribed.
  • Sending messages at a time when it is known patients may be likely to become non-adherent, for example, if symptoms improve or no tangible benefit is felt.
  • Helping patients manage side effects.

5. Communicate digitally with your patients

As email use has grown, its use has become associated with spam and open and click rates have consistently dropped. Push and in-app notifications are less intrusive and are a better way of communicating with patients. Apps allow you to inform patients when their medication is ready to collect, or not.

Regular communication with your patients will drive loyalty and improved customer satisfaction, as well as help to reduce phone calls to place repeat prescription orders or check if medication is ready to collect.

MedAdvisor repeat prescription app

The MedAdvisor repeat prescription app allows your patients to take control of their journey to better health.

MedAdvisor gives people with chronic medical conditions health control and their independence back. Our powerful app simplifies managing medications while providing the support of a trusted pharmacy on hand.

Help your pharmacy ‘survive and thrive’ with the MedAdvisor app and in-pharmacy software.

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