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Increase New Medicine Service (NMS) completions using MedAdvisor

Gwyn Williams
Mar 23, 2023 4:08:47 AM

Patients can struggle to keep track of all the medications they’re taking and to ensure that they’re using them correctly. NMS is an important service to help patients understand their new medications and manage them safely. After successfully recruiting patients for the NMS service, it can be challenging to contact them for intervention and follow-up conversations. In this blog, we'll explore how MedAdvisor can help pharmacists manage appointments and increase NMS completions.

Why should I focus on NMS?

  1. Increased revenue
    NMS revenue is a much-needed source of income for pharmacies. After successfully identifying and recruiting patients, don’t miss out on payment by failing to follow up and complete the NMS.

  2. Improved patient outcomes
    By offering NMS, pharmacists can help patients better understand their medications and how to take them. This can lead to improved adherence to medication regimens, which can improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

  3. Enhanced reputation
    Providing NMS can help pharmacists build a positive reputation in their community by demonstrating their commitment to patient care and providing a valuable service that improves patient outcomes. The service can also help retain existing patients by providing personalised advice and care.

How can MedAdvisor help manage NMS appointments?

The MedAdvisor solution enables pharmacists to schedule NMS interventions and follow-up appointments using an electronic diary. The diary can be accessed on any internet-connected device so it’s convenient to keep track of all appointments using your PC or phone.

When booking an outbound NMS phone call using MedAdvisor, the time will be blocked out to prevent other customers from booking a service at the same time. Using one electronic diary for all services, including outbound NMS phone calls, can help you manage your workload and prevent double bookings.

Allocating dedicated time to follow up with NMS patients will help you plan your day and minimise stress.

How can reminders help?

It’s easy for both pharmacists and patients to forget scheduled phone appointments. When running a busy pharmacy, it can be easy to miss reminders to phone patients for NMS conversations.

The MedAdvisor solution will send patients a booking confirmation and a reminder the day before. Reminding your patients about face-to-face or phone appointments will increase the chance that they will attend the appointment or answer your phone call.

MedAdvisor simplifies the appointment management process for the pharmacy team. The MedAdvisor diary shows booked appointments for each day, week and month so it’s easy to review your planned workload.

 Why should I use MedAdvisor?

Using MedAdvisor to book NMS appointments will help increase NMS completions and pharmacy revenue. As the NMS payment structure is currently tiered, the more NMS you manage to complete the more you will be paid for each completed NMS. Just a few more NMS completions each month could push you into the next payment tier and significantly increase your service revenue. 


What else does the MedAdvisor solution do?

In addition to service bookings, the MedAdvisor solution helps patients conveniently order repeat prescriptions and enables digital communication.

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