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Repeat Prescriptions: The MedAdvisor Guide

Gwyn Williams
Nov 5, 2021 9:19:44 AM

Have you ever become tired or frustrated calling your GP surgery to request medication?

It can be very time consuming having to phone your GP surgery each month to order repeat medication as you have to state your medication, quantity, and chosen pharmacy to collect from. You then wait a few days before checking with your pharmacy if your prescription is ready to collect. If you have a busy lifestyle, this can become tedious and difficult to manage.

If you're not familiar with how repeat prescriptions work, we're going to cover how to get a repeat prescription and how to order using the MedAdvisor app.

But, before you can order a repeat prescription, you need to know what they are.

What are repeat prescriptions?

If you're taking medication for long-term conditions, or regular medication for at least a six-month period, it can be considered a repeat prescription. This means your GP has authorised you to receive medication every month without requiring a consultation.

Sometimes you may require periodic reviews to see how you're doing on the medication, but generally, you'll receive repeat prescriptions monthly without needing to see your GP. Orders for repeat prescriptions can be made using a repeat prescription app, online, by phone, or by filling in your repeat prescription slip and returning it to your GP surgery. Repeat prescription items will be listed on the right hand side of your prescription and have the option for you to tick a box to request them without seeing your GP. Please bear in mind that due to COVID-19, some GP surgeries may not currently accept requests on paper.

If you want to save time and not worry about missing your medication, the MedAdvisor repeat prescription app can help.

How are repeat prescriptions different from normal prescriptions?

The major difference between a repeat and a normal prescription is that a repeat allows you to get medication over a period of time without having to have a doctor's consultation. Normal prescriptions are only issued for a short period and often require a conversation or examination before they can be issued.

Repeat prescriptions are issued for medication prescribed over a long time and are usually for long-term conditions like asthma, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, etc.

Repeat prescription FAQs

Are repeat prescriptions free?

There is no charge to order repeat NHS prescriptions from your GP surgery.

Details of who can receive free prescriptions are published on the NHS website. If you are not exempt, you will have to pay a prescription charge at your pharmacy for each item. You may have to pay multiple prescription charges for a small number of prescribed items, for example, if there are 2 different types of tablets in one box or for compression hosiery. Your pharmacy team will let you know how many NHS charges are payable.

Pre-payment certificates allow you to have as many NHS prescriptions as you need for a set price so can help you save money if you're on multiple repeat medications.

Which pharmacies can I get a repeat prescription from?

You can choose any pharmacy that dispenses NHS prescriptions to get your prescription dispensed. In England, all pharmacies that dispense NHS prescriptions are able to receive your prescription via the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), which means your GP surgery can send a prescription electronically to your chosen pharmacy.

Can I get a repeat prescription without seeing a doctor?

If you're on regular medication and you want it to be on your repeat list, you will need to contact your surgery to request this first.

What does a repeat prescription request slip look like?

It's very easy to identify a repeat prescription. If you have a physical paper prescription, it's split into two parts. The green part (the left side) of the prescription, which has the prescriber's signature, is the part that the pharmacy keeps after they've dispensed your medication. The white part (the right side) has printed information about the different medications you're on, the quantity, the date last issued and when it's next due. It's the right side that is the repeat prescription request slip.

How does the MedAdvisor app help me order repeat prescriptions?

Once you've been set up by your GP surgery to have a repeat prescription, it's easy to place an order. If you want to order manually, you can tear off the attached white part of your prescription and tick the medication you want to order. You then hand the repeat prescription request slip into your GP surgery. Please bear in mind that due to COVID-19, some GP surgeries may not currently accept requests on paper.

To save time, download the MedAdvisor app on your smartphone or log in to our website and create an account.

Once set up, you'll see your full list of repeat medication and the number of days' supply remaining. Simply select the medication you want to order, and the request gets sent through to your GP surgery. Once reviewed and approved, the prescription will be sent electronically via EPS to your pharmacy for them to dispense.

The MedAdvisor app provides alerts to remind you when you need to order your prescription and real-time notifications when your medicine is ready to collect from your pharmacy.

It's quick and easy to get set up on the MedAdvisor app; all you need to do is the following:

  1. Download the MedAdvisor app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.
  2. Select your chosen pharmacy.
  3. Order your medication.
  4. Receive notification from your pharmacy once it's ready to collect.

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