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I love this app! I take 18 prescription medications for cancer related chronic pain and several other medical conditions. Without this app I struggled to remember what meds I was on. This app does it all and more. Gone is the worry and stress of managing these aspects of my chronic illness.  A heartfelt thank you from me to the developers, programmers and other staff involved in the development of this app. You have made my medication management a breeze!
lyn221b, Apple App User

This app has helps me to manage my medications. I was forever forgetting to take medicines and running out and getting stuck. This never happens any more. I'm very grateful. Thank you

Saskatoon James, Apple App User

"This app is a must-have for those that take regular medication. The order function is a godsend!! And the reminders are great when a dosage has changed. 5 stars."

- Ruth S, Android App User

Considering everything that is happening in the current medical climate of the world, this app has been phenomenal.  I highly recommend to anyone that takes medication to use this app as it allows you to live your life without the stress of missing medication times. If you are considering using this app, stop wondering and just start!!
Harrison F, Apple App User

"Simply no words can describe the ease of use and functionality of this application. Thank you for producing such a program that is light years ahead of any other! 5 stars from me!!!"

- Emily Hum, Android App User

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