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Digital health content to improve adherence

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Poor adherence to medication is a huge problem. And we know how hard it is for pharmaceutical companies to communicate with people directly.  Learn how we can help.


50% of people in England take a prescribed medicine every day.


26 million people in England live with a long term condition.


Non-adherence to medication costs the NHS over £500M annually.

Some of the companies that we work with


3 key factors driving non-adherence

MedAdvisor solution delivers results in three key areas

Medication Runs Out

Patient runs out of medication

The MedAdvisor app reminds patients when to order medication so that they don’t run out.

The repeat prescription request is automatically sent to the GP, making it easy to get supply.

The Pharmacy informs the patient when their medication is ready to collect.

Reminders alone have been shown to improve adherence by ~10%

Forgets Medication

Patient  forgets to take medication

In the app, the patient can set up reminders to take their medication so they don’t forget.

Carer mode, in the app allows friends or relatives to set up dependents on their phone so they can help with compliance.

Digital health content help patients know how to use their medication.

Benefits of medication

Patient doesn’t understand the benefits of taking the medication

Digital health content is created to motivate and encourage the patient to use medication correctly.

Patients are contacted at times when we know patients may be likely to become non-adherent e.g. if symptoms improve or no tangible benefit is felt.

Digital health messages help patients manage side effects.

Benefits for pharmaceutical companies

Improved adherence

Use of the MedAdvisor app leads to improved adherence of ~20%, resulting in increased repeat prescription requests which generates more revenue for your brand.

Improved persistence

Our digital adherence progammes have been shown to improve persistence as well as adherence, delivering further value.

Improved patient experience

Our programmes are tried and tested and have been shown to increase patient loyalty and improve patient feedback.

Medicines optimisation

Support the safe and effective use of medicines to enable the best possible outcomes.

Improve health literacy

Targeted patients receive quality information about your product delivered directly to their smartphone. Support patients using your products by providing additional information to improve their use of medication.

95% more adherent

Following a 12 month digital adherence program, a major pharma company saw that MedAdvisor patients were over 95% more adherent to their respiratory medication, compared with patients not using MedAdvisor.

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Adherence to asthma medication
Medication Education Programs

How many people could you reach?

Our digital adherence programs can help you send the right message, to the right person, at the right time.  We only partner with companies whose purpose is to provide useful, relevant information aimed at supporting positive health outcomes.

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