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The NPA recommends MedAdvisor as the digital medication management platform of choice for UK independent community pharmacies.

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Pharmacy Solutions

For pharmacies

Just like another helping hand in your pharmacy, MedAdvisor helps you provide a better customer experience.  The suite of software tools improves pharmacy efficiency and sends patient initiated repeat prescription requests automatically to GPs.

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Medication Management App

For patients

The mobile app makes it simple for people to order medication from the comfort of home.  The convenient app reminds people to take their medication on time and never worry that they'll miss a dose again.

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Digital Health Programmes

For pharma companies

MedAdvisor partners with pharmaceutical companies to develop digital content to address non-adherence to medication. Providing this content to your patients improves their health outcomes and health literacy. Plus, improved adherence can mean increased items for your pharmacy.

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3 Steps To Success

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Benefits for your pharmacy

Increase customer loyalty

97% of customers using the MedAdvisor App are loyal to their pharmacy.  This leads to greater repeat business for your pharmacy.

20% improved adherence

Use of the MedAdvisor App by your customers leads to improved adherence of ~20%, delivering increased repeat prescriptions and more pharmacy visits, resulting in more revenue for your pharmacy.

Improve stock management

MedAdvisor App users can order their high cost medication well in advance. Ensuring you have the right stock at the right time.

Better workflows

Process App orders when it suits you.  Improve dispensing efficiency, reduce  waiting times and spend more time helping customers.

Increase EPS nominations

When your customers order via the App, they need to nominate your pharmacy for EPS.  This grows your EPS nominated patient pool.

Communicate with your customers

Stay in touch with customers using MedAdvisor. Send an in-app message and/or email directly to customers one by one or group-specific based on various filters.

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Increase your NHS item share

Better for pharmacies, better for your customers.  Learn why MedAdvisor can help grow your business.

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Why choose MedAdvisor?

Made by pharmacists, for pharmacists, the UK MedAdvisor team have extensive pharmacy industry experience.

Customer loyalty app

We have listened to pharmacy owners and adapted the way our app works to uniquely help you drive customer loyalty.

Web ordering

We have a web version of the app so your patients can order using any internet connected device.  An essential feature for your customers that don't have a smartphone.

Batch (eRD) management

Our solution allows patients to manage their batch (eRD) prescriptions. Patients can place an order with your pharmacy rather than the GP if there is a batch prescription available to dispense.

Data security

MedAdvisor is committed to the protection of customer information through a comprehensive information security program. We are ISO 27001 compliant.   Our privacy and security standards comply with GDPR and HIPAA.

Improve health literacy

We work with pharma to provide your patients with targeted, educational content to help people take their medication as prescribed. This improves health outcomes by improving health literacy.

Flexible contracts

We have flexible contract terms. We're confident our solution is "best in class" so we won't tie you in to a long contract to stop you leaving us.

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MedAdvisor Pharmacy Solutions

We have noticed a significant growth with the number of customers and overall script dispensing volumes - resulting in higher financial revenues. Our dispensary workflow has improved too, so we can now focus on dispensing orders during quieter periods.”

- Mina, pharmacist

MedAdvisor is wonderful for both our patients and pharmacy business. Our overall script retention numbers have increased, and our patients have been very happy with the service…as they feel less pressure in managing their medications.” 

- Michelle, pharmacist

MedAdvisor has been great; it has enabled us to retain patients where otherwise we may have lost them. It has provided us with a competitive difference.” 

- Luke, pharmacist

MedAdvisor empowers our patients to be more informed about what scripts they have on file, and increases medication compliance. It helps manage their prescriptions in a clear and simple program…and helps them take their medications more accurately and reduce medication-related errors.”

- Sara, pharmacist

MedAdvisor provides a means to maintain your current customer base and significantly expand with an effective interactive service.  It also helps to increase your overall script orders which increases pharmacy revenue.

The MedAdvisor App is a point of difference from our competitors."

- Melissa, Pharmacist

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